Top 2 Bali Tour Packages

While you want to visit Bali for the first time, booking a Bali tour package is the best options ever. You might have a different culture with Bali. You also probably can’t speak Indonesian but you want to get Bali experiences, the best deal to take is booking the tour package.

Nowadays, there are various types of tour packages you can pick from a different company, too. Just find the best tour and travel which can help you to get unforgettable memories in Bali. Pick the tour and travel that did give you their best services, packages, and prices, as like Bali Sun Tour.

They do give you their best services ever because your satisfaction is meant everything to them. Furthermore, they offer unique experiences you can’t get from the other tour and travel packages.

You can check their web page and see the tour packages they offer to you. There are so many tour packages options you can take. From all those tour packages, there are top 2 Bali tour packages you may consider to book. They are:

Dolphin Swim Interaction

Do you wish to have experience of swimming with the most intelligent fish in this world? In Lovina beach, Bali, the visitors are able to swim and interact directly to the dolphin. It’s an educational program you must join while visiting Bali.

There, you will learn a little about marine life, the dolphins itself, their migration patterns, anatomies, diets, and habitats. You will learn anything about this intelligent animal.

There are many activities you can do like to swim with dolphins, watch dolphins’ perform, and interact with them. You also are able to play the games with them and try to learn how to communicate with them.

Do you want to experience the thrill to swim with a dolphin? Yes, you can do it! This Bali experience will help you to get deeper understand about marine mammals and enjoy to interact with them.

For this tour package, you just have to pay USD 99 for an adult swim and for child swim is USD 89. For adult interaction, you need to pay USD 79 and for a child is USD 69. For the adult observer, you need to pay USD 39,5 and for a child is USD 34,5.

This bali tours services includes hotel pickup, drop off, welcome drinks, floating sea pen with this amazing creature, dolphin, for 30 minutes, complimentary use of life jackets, towels, lockers, and bathrooms, complimentary drinks of soft drinks, tea, or coffee, and fruits.

Quad Bike Adventure

There are a lot of things to do in Bali. Other Bali experiences that you can feel is riding in nature. If you like to challenge yourself to do something to pomp out your adrenaline, this package will be the best options for you. You need to pass challenging treks with ATV and guided by the professional one.

Once you book this package, be ready to pomp out your adrenaline to a high level. They offer you a long trek with its beautiful scenery along this journey. While you ride on the trek, you are able to see the exotic scenery of Bali like Bali traditional village, rivers, jungle, and rice fields.

Don’t worry for a beginner! Every of ATV will be guided by the professionals. Thus, if you are a beginner and want to try this activity, you still have the chance to experience it. It is the different ways to enjoy the hidden paradise in Bali with unique activities.

If you want to take this package, you need to pay for IDR 1.260k for solo price. For tandem price, you need to pay for IDR 1.820k. It is not pricey while you will get unforgettable moments, isn’t it?

This tour package includes hotel pickup, drop off, safety equipment like boots and helmet, professional guide, quad ride for about 2 hours, Indonesian buffet lunch, welcome drink, shower facilities, clean bath towels, insurance cover, and local tax.

You need to know that this tour package has a minimum age requirement. If you are above 12 years, you are allowed to get this tour. Take note, this package is not strongly recommended for a pregnant woman.

Those are two trending tour packages you may consider to book. If you want to book both, let’s book them and get Bali experiences as much as you want.

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What Things to Do in Seminyak for First Timer

If you are visiting Seminyak for the first time, then you might be questioning by yourself what things you should do here. Seminyak is an area where you can find lots of luxury resort and villa, so if you like to enjoy the view inside the place where you stay, this area would be suitable for you. Otherwise, you can explore the things around Seminyak which makes your holiday is getting blissful.

The Luxury Seminyak

As it is known with the luxury area, Seminyak is called the classy area where you can enjoy all the things to the max. Here you can stay in the beach resort where you can enjoy the view ahead from your room. In addition, you can also join the beach club where people like to go sunbathing while enjoying the music. Moreover, if you wish such a great nightlife, this place would be the right place to go.

Things that You Can Do in Seminyak

Here are several things that you should have when you are visiting Seminyak for the first time. It would be worth a holiday when you do not miss all the things here.

  • Enjoy the beach

Seminyak is considered as the most fashionable beach resort that you can find in Bali. Then, it is highly recommended for you to get a room in a resort. Here you can get your mind relaxed by enjoying the beach view from your own room. In addition, some resorts also have a private beach so it would be an advantage for you to enjoy the beach which is not too crowded.

  • Taste the culinary

Walking around Seminyak, you would see there are lots of restaurants. It means that you should taste the local food here. There is nothing more interested than trying all the local things here. You can experience lots of things which become an unforgettable moment from Bali.

  • Nightlife

For some reasons, people love to stay in Bali because of its nightlife. Seminyak is also known as the area with some famous night clubs. Here you can make friends with others and even plan to explore Bali more with them. That was a great idea to do!

  • Shopping

Last but not least there are so many boutiques and art shops in Bali. Behind the beauty of the beaches, Bali is also known for its art. Then, it would be so good if you could bring things which are made in Bali. You can also buy some souvenirs when you go back home.

  • Spa

Spend your holiday in Seminyak by having a spa. In Seminyak, there are some spa centers which offers a spa with a view. This one is so relaxing!

Shortly, Seminyak is a good place if you like to enjoy the classy things. This area is not too crowded but sometimes you will also find the high traffic jam here. Then, it is recommended for you to walk around the area so that you can find out and get attracted to the things that you find in Seminyak. Make an itinerary to make your holiday full of pleasure.

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