10 Secret Beaches in Bali that You Might Never Know

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Bali has been known worldwide as one of the destinations for having holidays in Asia. People from around the world like to spend time on this island just to see the beauty of Bali. Most of you must have known that Bali is located in Indonesia where this country has a tropical climate. Then, those who are visiting Bali would love to enjoy all the tropical things here.

What to See in Bali?

What things are you looking at Bali? The main object that will make you love Bali is about the beaches. It is known that lots of people come to Bali just to enjoy the beach such as sunbathing, surfing, diving, etc. There are some popular beaches in Bali that you might have known, such as Sanur Beach, Kuta Beach, Jimbaran Beach, and so on.

The Beautiful Beaches in Bali

Well if you have visited those ones multiple times, you will find out that there are lots of people around. If you like to enjoy the beauty of the Beaches in Bali, here are 10 hidden beaches with the beautiful view that you should know:

  • Padang Padang Beach

If you are staying around Uluwatu, it is a must to visit this beach. Moreover, this is one of the famous beaches for surfing so, this one should be a good spot for the surfers. Otherwise, you can just chill out here and enjoy the sun.

  • Dreamland Beach

This one is really good with the white sands and turquoise waters. The wave here is called as the surf break which brings down to Pecatu Indah gate.

  • Balian

It is located on the west which has different characteristics with the other coats. Here you can see the beach with the pounding surf and volcanic sand beach.

  • Finn’s Beach

This one is arising its popularity and it seems to be so exclusive. Most of the young people like to enjoy this beach. It is a private beach which is located at Semara Luxury Villa Resort. Outside guests will be charged Rp 250,000 per person

  • Karma Beach

This is also a private beach that becomes a part of Karma Beach Resort which has another name as Nammo’s Beach.  It is located in Ungasan and this could be your choice when visiting Bali for holiday.

  • Dream Beach

The location is near Nusa Lembongan which you can still see the turquoise water with the white sands as well. In addition, there are rows of palm tree which looks so tropical.

  • Amed Beach

The location is on the East coast where you can enjoy such a beautiful sunrise. In addition, this place is very good for those of you who love snorkeling and diving.

  • Green Bowl

As you could catch the name, this beach reflected a green bowl. It is because the water of the beach is colored as turquoise. If you like to enjoy a quiet place, this beach will be good for you to enjoy all the surroundings.

  • Balangan

It is one of the surfer’s favorite as it has a famous break. If you like to get challenging surfing, this beach may deliver your adrenaline.

  • Perasi Beach

This is also called as Virgin beach which is located on Karangasem, East of Bali. This beach has white sands and really good too for you who like to enjoy a quiet situation.

Thus, those are the 10 hidden beaches in Bali that you should know. Most of the beaches have fewer visitors than Sanur and Kuta, so if you like to completely enjoy the view, you can reach one of them. There is always something breathtaking that you will find in Bali, so spend your time and spoil yourself as much as you can.